SAC Develops Punchier Amarok

Steves Auto Clinic (SAC) has an upgrade package for VW’s recently launched Amarok 2.0 TSI that it says not only offers more punch, but also improves drivability for less than R10 000.

Extracting absolute maximum power was not high on the agenda – the goal was to improve the bakkies’ low rpm and light throttle drivability and smoothness.

To tackle this problem, the company installed a Uni Q Chip ‘Power Plug’ to control fuel and boost related parameters while keeping them well within acceptable manufacturer safety specs. This unit plugs in and out as you deem necessary and involves no cutting into ECU wiring harnesses.

To this they added a complete 63mm performance exhaust option, fitted from the turbo right the way to the back. All tuned and sorted, the revitalized Amarok produced 138 kW / 350 Nm Amarok, (an improvement of 20 kW and 50 Nm over the standard vehicle.)

This translated into a 0-100 km/h dash of 8.82 seconds, down from 10.71 seconds, a ¼ mile time of 16.37 seconds, down from 17.39 seconds and a one kilometre top-speed of 170.12 km/h, up from 156.96 km/h. The top speed limiter was moved for their own purposes, with the SAC fettled Amarok now limited to 195 km/h instead of the factory 176 km/h. However, SAC recommends that the standard limiter be kept for road safety reasons.

Notably, in gear acceleration is vastly improved – the real test of a successful performance upgrade – as most daily driving is done in-gear.

The SAC VW Amarok 2.0 TSI is claimed to use even less fuel now thanks to these improvements. This upgrade can be done in one working day. For detailed pricing and further information, contact a branch near you or visit

Tested Stats           VW Amarok 2.0 TSI                SAC Amarok 2.0 TSI

Power:                    118 kW @ 3 800 – 5 500 rpm            138 kW @ 3 800 – 5 500 rpm

Torque:                  300 Nm @ 1 600 – 3 750 rpm           350 Nm @ 1 600 – 3 750 rpm

0-100 km/h:         10.71 seconds                                           8.82 seconds

1/4 Mile:                17.39 seconds @ 126.29 km/h          16.37 seconds @ 136.02 km/h

1 Km:                     32.40 seconds @ 156.96 km/h          30.23 seconds @ 170.12 km/h

60-100 3rd:          6.48 seconds                                             4.89 seconds

60-100 4th:          9.68 seconds                                             7.13 seconds

80-120 4th:          10.76 seconds                                           7.55 seconds

80-120 5th:          16.31 seconds                                           11.23 seconds

Top Speed:          Limited to 176.97 km/h                        Limited to 195.86 km/h

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