Absolute success of WERC presentation at the Russian aftermarket forum

WERC was present at the VII Forum of Russian Aftermarket organised at the Azov Sea Kassach Resort near the city of Yiesk, from 20 to 25 May. Omar Chehayeb, Vice-Chairman of WERC and International Director for CONAREM made a presentation about the Latin American market and the possibilities that a world organisation such as WERC opens for rebuilders from over the world.

Under the title The Challenge of Engine rebuilding in Latin America and the Perspectives for the Coming Future, this presentation was attended by over 200 rebuilders and business associates of the automobile aftermarket in Russia and, although it was scheduled to run from 21h00 to 22h00, it went on to almost midnight, due to the interest shown by the attendees and the questions produced by the public. The programmes developed by CONAREM, presided by Jose Arnaldo Laguna, such as the national warranty programme and the technical training sessions developed by the Brazilian association were introduced to the Russian audience.

This event was organised by the company Mechanika, owned by Dmitri Danshov, also a member of WERC and a very savvy Russian entrepreneur, who transformed an old state-owned rebuilding company from the soviet times into a fantastic empire with parts distribution, online sales, all types of machining and engine rebuilding, with 16 units along the Russian territory and dozens of points of sale developed on the last 25 years. Mechanika is said to take care of 40% of all Russian engines.

The venue, located at a very quiet and peaceful beach vacation complex owned by Danshov with capacity for over 1,000 people, features rooms and chalets with mezzanine to accommodate individuals and families. The resort has a spa and a bowling alley, entertainment for kids and adults, bike and motorcycle rental facilities, and even a library.

The very interesting concept developed by the Forum allows that participants can bring spouses and children for a week at the beach, while attendees join seminars and activities developed for every time of the day, from 08h00 to past midnight during the five days of the event. Participation in the seminars is elective and none of the activities is mandatory.

Sponsored by Mahle, OE Germany, NESTE, Euroricambi, SM, AutoVentil, Huskey and Continental, this event happened for the seventh time, with lots of training seminars, international presentations and networking events. Mahle spoke about their line of turbochargers and the new items in their 2020 catalogue, and Neste – a Finnish oil manufacturer – presented the trends on Russian cars and the new Neste Oils.

There were also very interesting presentations, like the ones by Slava Bakalov, (owner of several companies in Frankfurt, Praga, Moscow and New York, and editor of the only Russian magazine for auto transmission) and Euroricambi (an Italian manufacturer of transmission parts and gears) about what to expect at the Russian, European and World Market of Automatic Transmission. The forum also featured a hands-on technical seminar on the practical application of a cardan straightening and centring machine developed by VTM Group from Ukraine, who is also developing a franchise of turbo repair centres that could represent a huge profit opportunity for engine rebuilders as a side-profit centre.

“I am greatly and positively surprised by the organisation of this event and also the interest and high dedication that the Russian rebuilders put in their trade,” says Omar Chehayeb, Vice-Chairman of WERC, who looks forward to strengthening ties with many of the participants he met at the event.

WERC has produced a brochure written in Russian, sponsored by COMEC, Metalúrgica Riosulense and IAB Brunhidores, where the main lines of the WERC platform were explained to the forum attendees.

According to Frank Mac Nicol, WERC Chairman, contacts made at this event may allow the number of countries represented by WERC to more than double, with the inclusion of rebuilders from the former Soviet Republics, the Baltic countries, several sub-Saharan African countries and also some Latin American rebuilders from countries not yet represented at WERC, which Metalurgica Riosulense, sponsor of this trip, agreed to talk into joining the organisation.

Next stops for WERC will be Automechanika Dubai and ReMaTec, where many of the people from Russia will be present. Any rebuilder wanting more information about WERC can write to: omar@conarem.com.br.