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Check the star grading before having your car serviced

When choosing accommodation, it’s common to refer to the star rating to make an informed decision about where to holiday, and while it’s not an exact science, the star rating is a good way for consumers to know what they’re getting. So why not do the same when looking for somewhere to service your car?
“The hospitality industry uses the star rating as a way to guide consumers towards the best possible accommodation for their budget. The Motor Industry Workshop Association (MIWA) Grading system is a similar tool designed to guide motorists looking for expertise when it comes to selecting a workshop for their vehicle. A MIWA Graded workshop meets specific accreditation requirements and is subject to random external audits,” explains Dewald Ranft, Chairman of MIWA, an affiliate association of the Retail Motor Industry Organisation (RMI).
“When choosing a Graded workshop, consumers can trust that not only will they receive reasonable pricing and quality service and workmanship, but they also have a recourse for complaints if any problems arise.”
A five-star is a prestigious rating because graded workshops have to comply with the highest level of accreditation. “To become a five-star Graded workshop, MIWA workshops must be fully audited and deliver on requirements around workshop design and equipment, customer satisfaction assessment tools, and service options such as vehicle washing prior to delivery as well as free delivery and collection service. Many of our workshops are graded as five-star but we also have four- and three- star workshops that too offer excellent service,” explains Ranft.
“Finding the right workshop for a car service or repair can be a stressful experience for most consumers. This stress can be avoided by choosing a MIWA Graded workshop because by selecting one of these reputable service providers consumers have the assurance that these workshops have passed – and continue to deliver on – strict accreditation criteria.”
“If you are looking for a workshop to service your car ahead of the festive season, don’t hesitate to contact MIWA and we can provide a list of graded workshops in your area,” says Ranft.