Code of Conduct

Accredited members are party to the RMI Consumer Code of Conduct in terms of which the consumer is assured that an accredited member undertakes to:

  • Sell his quality products and services at a fair and reasonable price;
  • Honour both in letter and in spirit any guarantees applicable to products and services sold by them;
  • Acknowledges that, should there be a dispute between a consumer/customer and our member which could not be amicably settled at Management level, the consumer/customer has the right to refer such dispute to the RMI for investigation.
  • RMI’s Consumer Services divisions are deployed countrywide.
  • Professional intervention ensures a proud record of high success rate in dispute resolution.


8 Replies to “Code of Conduct”

  1. Good morning,

    Kindly advise on the process to become an RMI member.
    What are the specific requirements, fees, how to join etc.

    Best regards

    We have a dispute where:
    1) Service Provider which is a RMI member worked on our car. (car is there for over 5months now).
    2) They gave us a quote which was accepted by both us and Bidvest Insurance which approved our claim. However, the claim was only valid for 90days.
    3) Service Provider never communicate with us although we visited their shop on numerous occasions.
    4) We reminded Service Provider that Bidvest might refute the claim after 90days.
    5) Only when we started sending serious emails we received reluctant response.
    6) The quote handed to us which was approved made NO MENTION of any further costs than stated on quote. NO MENTIONING either that quote might be changed in the event of any extras.
    7) We informed the Service provider that we need the car asap as my wife had to go for an operation and pre operation tests to be done. STILL NO RESPONSE
    8) We had to rent a car twice to the cost of +-R2700 at a time without any communication from Service Provider.
    8) We called the Service Provider to offer an extra amount should they underquoted. The owner advised me that it is not a question of underquoted but he would like to get the car out of his system
    9) Eventually we suggested that Service Provider take the car to a workshop in Middelburg who is an accredited Mercedes Benz workshop.
    10) The technical detail is unknown to us but lattersaid shop eventually fixed the car and we took it for a testdrive on Wednesday.
    11) This morning I called the Service Provider and asked when can we collect the car. I was informed that we have to pay another +-R17000 on top of the +-R15000 and +-R8250 by Bidvest.
    12) Service Provider said they will revert today but again as in the past they fail to contact us.
    13.1 Should’nt the Service Provider FIRSTLY communicated with us before commencing with the so called “extra” parts and labour.
    13.2 The mere fact that the car is with them for over 5 months is a sign of incompetance.
    13.3 Why does the Service Provider not communicate with us
    13.4 Who is liable for our xar rental we had to pay. (I told the Service Provider this morning that we have to go to Pretoria again soon with no car in sight)
    How can this problem be quickly solved. We feel we have a raw deal here as Service Provider did not play open cards and are not honest in general.
    All detailed correspondence with dates, etc is available for inspection on request.
    Service Provider:
    Gearbox&Diff King
    Stevenson st
    SJ&LJ Coetzee
    398 Rietbok str
    Contact no

    1. Afternoon,

      Thank you for making contact with the RMI. Sorry to hear about your bad experience.

      Tumisho, copied in this mail, will be in contact with you soon and assist accordingly.

  3. There’s a workshop in silverton pretoria by the name of I MOTOFIX.poor service not supposed to be approved by RMI.i took my car there to replace water pump,it took them 8hours to do dat and they even damaged the engine cause the car doesn’t start they advise me to find a tow truck for car that I was driving to their workshop.or they will charge for storage and I still have to pay for what they claim they car is still in their workshop I need advice

    1. Afternoon Kabelo,

      Thank you for making contact with the RMI.
      Tumisho will be in contact with you soon. All the best,

  4. Good day

    Kindly advise, I took my car to one Merchant located in Pretoria West in July 2022 to date I still haven’t received my vehicle being well repaired. Ther issue was a drivetrain warning light and when that happened the vehicle automatically goes to a limp mode.

    In August 2022, when I was given the vehicle back it still had the same problem of a drivetrain warning sign and now having another problem of bad tapped cover oil leaks which almost burnt my vehicle. Subsequently I took the vehicle back to the merchant.

    In this process there were so many parts replaced which were quoted at about +-R58000.00 of which I requested to see which parts where removed from my car.

    The merchant advised me that according to the RMI regulations I am not allowed to get the replaced engine parts. I could not understand this because that was my expenditure as a consumer.

    I noticed that they could not provide me with all the parts which were said to have been replaced like (completed timing kit).

    My question to RMI: Is a consumer allowed or not allowed to get the replaced parts from the RMI certified merchants upon request?

    If not allowed please cote a reference to a section on the RMI regulations.

    Please respond my vehicle is still with the Merchant.

    Thank you.

    Kind Regards
    Tuelo Moilwa

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