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Membership of the RMI is a sensible investment in your business, says Jakkie Olivier, CEO of the RMI
When I recently attended various RMI roadshows throughout the country, it gave me the opportunity to step back from the daily running of the RMI and witness through the interaction with our members what the organisation is actually all about, what we provide for our members and why.
From the member interaction and feedback I received, I once more confirmed the dire need for individuals and predominantly small businesses to have a strong, collective voice to overcome the ever-increasing challenges of doing business in South Africa.
Through the power of the RMI as an umbrella organisation members, for example, have representation at the highest levels when new legislation is introduced or when changes to existing legislation threatens to negatively impact on business owners’ ability to do business and protect their investment.
The most recent example is the planned introduction of a ‘Code of Conduct for Competition in the South African Automotive Industry’. The Competitions Commission of South Africa has recently released the second draft for comment. The Code will no doubt influence the future of the automotive industry, and it is best if the RMI and its constituent associations comment, influence and persuade the authorities in a positive manner on behalf of its almost 8 000 members. This is to ensure an outcome that will not only protect the automotive industry but contribute towards a growing economy.
Without the collective might of the RMI, these negotiations and processes would not even make it to the first round. When the RMI initiates discussions or negotiations, our vast experience and size of our membership allows us to make things happen on your behalf.
In previous columns, we discussed the importance of the unity that the RMI thrives on, and over many years strength in unity has become a common slogan in the business context.
The RMI constituent associations are extremely active in addressing the daily business challenges of their particular sectors, while the RMI brings them together to fight the battles as a united front that affects the entire industry.
RMI membership is about more than just having the collective voice and power taking on new legislation and related developments, and fighting the good fight. These additional benefits include legal and labour advice, the Motor Industry Bargaining Council, access to social, medical and retirement funds, B-BBEE guidance and assistance, apprentice training, complaints resolution, and various customised products and services. These are just a few examples of the benefits that can help you to conduct your business even better.
Belonging is better business – so it makes sense to belong to an organisation that has your business interests at heart and has the collective power to make a difference.