File a complaint

The RMI remains committed towards the amicable resolution of all consumer complaints and disputes and as such, attempts to reach amicable mediated solutions to disputes in a manner that is cost effective for both parties concerned. The RMI process is non-legal and therefore no legal representation is allowed. Should you feel dissatisfied with a product or service supplied to you by an accredited RMI member establishment or non-member establishment, we recommend the following procedure. Please ensure that you read the complete instructions hereunder before registering your complaint.

  1. Talk to Senior Management: Insist on speaking to a member of senior management before you take any other course of action. “Counter level” problems are more often than not satisfactorily resolved, when a member of senior management becomes involved.
  2. The Dispute Remains Despite the Involvement of Senior Management: Should this be the case, use the download button below to send us a brief fax. Please do not forward supporting documentation unless you are requested to do so by an RMI official. Complaints in respect of disputes older than six months are not encouraged by the RMI, for obvious reasons. Your complaint will be routed to the appropriate RMI regional office closest to you. Download the Consumer Dispute Resolution Form here
  3. Important: Reference Number: Once your complaint has been registered the computer will allocate you a reference number. Please make note of this number as you will be required to use this number in all future correspondence between yourself, the dealer and the RMI.
  4. The Dispute Remains Despite the Involvement of the RMI: Please refer to the Motor Industry Ombudsman for assistance in a legal process that will resolve your dispute.


Location Contact Telephone Email
Johannesburg Jeff Molefe 011 886 6300
Pretoria Attie Serfontein 012 348 4971
Cape Town Deon Rademeyer 021 939 9440
Kwazulu Natal Robin Naidoo 031 266 7031
Port Elizabeth Erwin Stroebel 041 364 0070