Get 25% off on labour charges at Auto Care & Diagnostics

While human error is the biggest cause of car accidents, badly maintained vehicles also make a large contribution to the national road toll every year. Keep your vehicle in peak condition – it saves lives. Auto Care & Diagnostics offers a wide variety of services, and until the end of October you can get a 25% discount on labour charges.
A car that doesn’t want to start on a cold morning or a faulty aircon are minor irritations. But a vehicle that is not properly maintained is more than a frustration – it is a danger on the road. Auto Care & Diagnostics (or ACD for short), can help you with the following:
Air conditioning systems in vehicles run out of gas or stop working as a result of broken components. At selected ACD workshops, our trained technicians offer air conditioning repair services as well as re-gassing of air conditioning units, for a wide variety of automotive air conditioning systems.
ACD offers auto electrical repair and maintenance at selected work- shops around the country. A dead battery, starter or alternator could all be symptoms that your vehicle’s electrical system is problematic.
ACD uses advanced electrical diagnostic equipment to locate and fix your problem and get your car back on the road. This service is available at selected workshops.
Your vehicle’s brakes are a critical safety item and the regular maintenance thereof is non- negotiable. The increase in braking distance and possible failure due to worn components is dangerous and the consequences can be dire. ACD offers: replacement of disc pads, replacement of brake discs, replacement of brake shoes, replacement of cables and sen- sors, repairs to hydraulic systems, replacement of hydraulic components, skimming of brake discs repairs, replacement of calliper components.
The increased use of electronic components, sensors and ECU’s (“Computers” as they are commonly called) within vehicle electrical systems, has prompted the computer aided diagnosis of faults and errors. Most modern vehicles are equipped with ODB II diagnostic adapters and warning indicators on the dashboard, to indicate when a component is defective. ACD use state of the art diagnostic equipment and experience to assess what has gone wrong.
The drive train connects your vehicle’s engine to the wheels and supplies the power to move forward. These components are subject to excessive forces as modern cars have increased power and torque which causes component failures due to wear & tear. ACD offers: clutch unit replacement, CV joints/ prop shaft repairs and wheel bearing replacement.
Your vehicle’s engine is a critical area but sometimes due to component failure and wear & tear, it will require maintenance & related repairs. ACD offers: timing belt/ chain replacement (“cambelt”), and engine overhauls and rebuilds.
Regular maintenance ensures longevity of major components of your vehicle. Mandatory maintenance items include filters and lubricants that have a limited lifespan and therefore need to be replaced every 10,000 km on a diesel and 15,000km on a petrol vehicle OR 12 months to limit costly repairs caused by excessive wear and tear.
Suspension components are there to keep you firmly on the road. Damage from potholes and poor road surfaces as well as normal wear and tear may cause suspension failure due to the weight of the vehicle and the constant state of motion. ACD offers: suspension rack replacement and component replacement.
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