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IR seminar invite – Unfair Labour Practices & Employment Equity

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We are pleased to announce that the RMI will be presenting an online seminar entitled – Contracts of employment

-When:  29 September 2021

-Time:  09h00 – 12h00  

-Platform:  Microsoft Teams

-Cost:  See registration form below

-Presenter:  Tsepo Mohlakoana

Some of the topics of discussion will be:

  • Unfair Labour Practices: suspension, demotion, promotion, probation, disciplinary action, training, whistleblowing, provision of benefits, re-instatement.
  • Employment equity: unfair discrimination: direct and indirect, harassment, designated employers and employees, affirmative action policies.
  • Am I liable to defend a discrimination claim if an employee makes a joke to a colleague that has a racist or sexual implication?
  • Can an employee make a claim of an Unfair Labour Practice against me for disciplinary warnings and suspensions that I have imposed?
  • If I extend the employee’s probation period, can that also be regarded as an Unfair Labour Practice?
  • Can the compensation that I must pay to my employee who wins a case of Unfair Labour Practice against me be as high as 12 months’ remuneration?
  • Are my methods of recruiting staff in line with current legislation?
  • Is my business required to have an Affirmative Action policy?
  • Can the compensation that I must pay to my employee who wins a case of discriminatory dismissal against me be as high as 24 months’ remuneration?

You are invited to secure your attendance by completing the registration form below.  The training material will be distributed to the delegates electronically.  A certificate of attendance will be provided to each delegate.

Please find the banking details and registration form below.

We look forward to seeing you there.