Motorcycle Dealers’ Association

The retail motor industry looks to the Motorcycle Dealers’ Association as its mouthpiece to protect and further the interests of the motorcycle sales and service industry.

The MDA has on a number of occasions successfully negotiated with government on issues relating to import taxation and traffic legislation which was seen to be prejudicial to the interests of the industry and consumers. MDA also periodically liaises with insurance companies and financial institutions with the view to negotiate better dispensations for its members.

An additional important function of the Association is to liaise extensively with the Association of Motorcycle Importers and Distributors, where MDA represents the interests of dealers during discussions with South Africa`s major motorcycle importers.

Accredited membership of MDA allows proprietors to display the RMI Code of Conduct through which it is undertaken to provide products and services at a fair and reasonable price, and to honour both the letter and spirit of any guarantees accompanying the sale of those products and/or services. Close liaison also exists with the National Automobile Dealers’ Association and various international organisations.

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