Motor Parts & Equipment Association

The Motor Parts & Equipment association represents wholesalers, retailers and independent parts traders in the replacement motor parts industry.

“A Genuine Reason for Helping the Consumer”

Genuine or Branded parts are quality parts manufactured by reputable companies and in the majority of cases, are also supplied to original equipment (OE) manufacturers.

These genuine replacement parts are available to the CONSUMER at accredited MPEA spares outlets at affordable prices and are distributed throughout South Africa by reputable companies and backed by the manufacturers warranty.

For more information please contact Erwin Stroebel 011-886-6300 or email

What do I stand to lose if the RMI and MPEA is no longer there?

  • Representation by both the RMI & MPEA at long winded and tiresome wage negotiations.
  • Professional Labour advice by expert Specialists, to ensure I am both procedurally and substantially fair when disciplining my staff.
  • Industrial Relations Seminars focused on rules, agreements and industry specific topics affecting my business.
  • Chairing of disciplinary hearings and AUTOMATIC entry and representation at the CCMA, DRC and Labour Court.
  • Representation at various MIBCO Board and committee structures.
  • Affiliation to a reputable organisation recognised by Government, Big Business, consumers and relevant stakeholders.
  • No protection by industry or no lobbying function against one-sided legislative changes or new laws & regulations.
  • CPA support and members’ assistance with paperwork when defending myself against a consumer at the NCC and MIOSA.
  • Facilitation of a business to business complaint, where both parties are RMI members.
  • Quality and Standards function – working to reduce and eliminate the sales of counterfeit and substandard parts and goods.
  • Representation at the SABS and NRCS – who will defend our Industry when compulsory specifications and standards are compromised?
  • The informative Automobil magazine, weekly web letters and newsletters which facilitate two-way communication and create consumer & industry awareness.
  • The offering of industry specific products like RMI4BEE /RMI4LAW /RMI4OHS /RMI4SURE.
  • Skills Development facilitators assisting members to implement skills development plans.
  • Training needs and representation via Merseta and W & R Seta.
  • Representation at Moto Health Care Medical Fund, leaving the fund’s reserves vulnerable to being looted – The medical aid fund of choice available to motor industry specific business members and their employees, offering competitive contributions with excellent benefits.
  • Representation at the Provident Fund (Motor Industry Fund Administrators) leaving the fund’s billions in reserves exposed to being plundered.
  • No Sick, Accident and Maternity Pay Fund. The fund is ‘insurance’ available to RMI Members – As it is a RMI Fund, which allows me to project what my wage bill will be for the year. This ‘insurance’ will cost me R12.01/week (R624.52/annum) for males and R17.67/week (R918.84/annum) for females and in return my staff will receive 20 days sick pay, 40 days accident pay and 30% of daily wage up to 26 weeks maternity benefit. I, the business owner, can now use the wage of the absent employee to pay a replacement staff member.

Don’t lose out! Let the RMI & MPEA represent you. The trusted logos to look out for and to buy from are:






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MPEA Newsflash 5 – Business Compliant Regulations in the Motor Industry Part 3