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New Local Caravan Brand Arrives

Designers Riaan and Andre van Helsdingen are launching a new range of local-is-lekker caravans – and you’ll be able to see them first at the Rand Show, from 6-15 April 2012.
The Sensation Outdoors caravan range has three solid-roof models, all of which will be on display at the show, next to the Lake. There’s the top-of-the-line four-berth Anee and mid-range three-berth Vee, both of which have a separate toilet and shower cubicle, and the entry-level three-berth Devee.
Sensation Outdoors’ luxuriously appointed yet practical caravans boast a host of features sure to delight any caravanner. They all come standard with appliances by Dometic, a high-quality global RV and marine appliance range. But you won’t find the stove inside. These caravans have a kitchen slider unit that lets you prepare, cook and wash up in the great outdoors. Another innovative feature is the storage area behind the ‘van. Complete with a camping table, this space also has ample room for all the rest of your camping paraphernalia.
Inside, there are more cupboards than you could hope to fill, oak wood finishes, built-in blinds, a double-door fridge/freezer, enough counter space for your TV and other odds and ends, spacious beds, and even an aircon.