Commercial Legal cover for RMI members

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Business owners and managers represent a significant and growing group seeking sporadic or regular legal assistance on behalf of their enterprises. As a valued RMI member, your business’ labour related matters are attended to by the RMI, but what about the non-labour related matters?

As many members are already aware, for some years now the RMI enjoys a collaborative relationship with Legalex (Pty) Ltd. In today’s volatile business environment, it has become almost inevitable to be faced with some sort of legal issue at some point in time. Besides the frustration, time-consuming legal battles place a financial strain on businesses’ cash flow. In addition, finding the right attorney for the particular matter is often a hit and miss affair.

RMI4Law policies are intended to cover members in areas other than labour law and include access to a national panel of attorneys numbering in excess of 350 law firms nationwide. It offers insurance cover for various business-related matters, including contractual and delictual claims. As a RMI4Law member, you will enjoy up to R200 000.00 of legal cost cover per year and telephonic legal advice unlimited in respect of frequency of use and matters subjected to advice, save that it is limited to South African law. Members also enjoy access to standard business legal documentation.

Members who have opted to procure the extensive range of benefits associated with the RMI4Law policies, enjoy the peace of mind that this unfortunate but often inevitable part of their business activities are taken care of by a legal heavy weight underwritten by Guardrisk Insurance Company Limited.

Members may expect a call from the Legalex call centre in the near future, explaining the benefits of the RMI4 Law policies in more detail. Members who wish to join, may also phone Legalex at 0861 668 677 or may send an email to or text their name and “RMI” to 44386.

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      Thank you for making contact with the RMI. As per the article, Members who wish to join may also phone Legalex at 0861 668 677 or may send an email to or text their name and “RMI” to 44386.I will also inform Legalex to contact you.

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