Industry icons honoured

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IMG_3750 350During the latest REMAN Cluster: ERA, SADFIA & ACRA NEC meeting held on 13 & 14 June 20117, the opportunity was seized to honour our industry’s kingpins / icons who’s been servicing the industry for many a decade.

We seldom forget the importance our predecessors had played in creating and structuring the industry the way it is today – thus, industry’s success today is directly linked to our predecessors choices and decisions made yesteryear.

This not only recognize but also emphasize the importance of the RMI and its constituents’ vision to consider industry’s (the business owners’) opinion enormously valuable; the RMI and its constituents involve our Members with all industry relative matters, which provides a proactive approach to industry challenges and more than often (due to a collective approach) address and resolve these challenges in an amicable way that’s benefiting the industry as a whole.

It then only makes sense to honour our teachers of yesteryear with a token of our appreciation for what they have accomplished and worked so hard for; we most certainly have learned from their ways, which will equip us for today and years to come.

A heartfelt thank you to (1) Allan Y Brink from Allen Y Bring who has serviced the industry since 1970 and can to this day still be approached for industry crucial advice, (2) Solly Ferreira from Queenstown Engineering who has serviced the industry since 1980, also still actively involved in his business today, (3) Roy Bastick from Bastick Engine Rebuilders who has serviced the industry since 1950, also still actively involved, (4) Chris Le Roux from Electro Diesel who has serviced the industry since 1955, also still actively involved & (5) Jonthy Gluckman from Mafika Engineering who has serviced the industry since 2001, also very much still involved.

We all at the RMI & REMAN Cluster: ERA, SADFIA & ACRA solute you for your excellence and determination over the decades and wish you well in years to come. May you all be blessed with good health and lots of laughter. Thank you for the legacy you’ve created and left behind and in doing so, set the road ahead – we will not fail you!

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