Positive turnout at the 2017 ‘Associational – Annual General Meetings: ERA, SADFIA and ACRA’

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The newly formed RMI REMAN Cluster: ERA (Engine Remanufacturers’ Association), SADFIA (South African Diesel Fuel Injection Association) and ACRA (Automotive Component Remanufacturers’ Association) have concluded their National AGM’s for 2017.

The months of August and October is a very exciting time of the year for RMI Associations; in that they provide annual activity feedback, share Industry breakthroughs / challenges and also an opportunity to extend their appreciation to their Members for their support and input during the year.

As our slogan suggests – ‘BELONGING IS BETTER BUSINESS’, through belonging a partnership is formed, relationships is built if you will, through relationships Industry barriers are broken down (a better understanding of challenges is obtained, really), and through broken barriers success and breakthroughs is achieved. This we can proudly say is a collective achievement – RMI and Member alike.

The REMAN Cluster’s first combined AGM was held in Pretoria on the 16th / 08 / 2017, whereas the last of nine was held at the Free State, Virginia on the 16th / 09 / 2017. With this year being an election year – new Associational Committees was nominated and seconded, to lead the REMAN Cluster into a very promising two year term. A special thank you to the REMAN Cluster Committees, for sacrificing your time for the better of the Industry.

It is exactly those things in life that comes freely – that can’t be measured in a monetary value – your time, knowledge and input into Industry is making the difference and leaving behind a legacy for future generations to come. Great success was achieved during these AGM’s, which essentially paved the road ahead.

As for the immediate future of the REMAN Cluster, a number of projects is either in the making, in development phases or implementation phases. One of which is the ‘RMI – ERA / merSETA / DoL – UIF Pilot Training Project’ that’s due for implementation early in October. Through this initiative twenty-four learners / apprentices is skilled up in the Automotive Machinist field and the Engine Fitter field, which in itself is an enormous achieving, being that Industry currently sits with an age gap and if not act upon, will leave a gap in Industry.

Also a project the REMAN Cluster have invested a lot of time in, is the ‘Engine Management and Fuel Injection Systems Mechanic Qualification’. SADFIA, together with other Industry Stakeholders (such as merSETA) concluded, in July 2016, the qualification development with merSETA as Development Quality Partner (DQP).

The newly developed qualification is currently out for public comment and will be implemented soon thereafter. SADFIA wish to thank all stakeholders, your participation is unmeasured and together (one step at a time) we’re changing the playing field for a better skilled workplace.

The REMAN Cluster: Director, will work hand in hand with ACRA’s newly appointed ‘National Executive Committee (NEC) Chairman: Riaan Botha’ from EP Radiators in PE. Their main focus will be on Associational growth, product awareness / benefits, retention of Members, stakeholder involvement, current Industry challenges / future challenges and identification of target areas in those challenges – wherein an action plan/s will be developed and implemented. The REMAN Cluster and its Constituent Members is excited for what the future holds in and is as strong in unity as ever.

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