Regulatory Accounting system workshop held in Bloemfontein

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DSC_0003_1 350A Regulatory Accounting System (RAS) workshop for SAPRA members in the Free State and Northern Cape, was held in the MIBCO boardroom in Bloemfontein on Friday, 05 May 2017.

Viv Corinaldi, Acting Director SAPRA, presented the workshop and the following topics were discussed:
· RAS analysis 2013 to 2016
· Discrepancy in Oil Company/RORO/CORO margin adjustment over time
· Incongruity in Opex and Capex item increases/decreases
· Opex study and the 12/6 months lag undertaking
· KPMG study and the December 2016 implementation
· Inventory and professional fee issue
· Description and definitions of both Opex and Capex items
Time was also given to members to attend one on one discussions with Viv after the workshop.

2 Responses to “Regulatory Accounting system workshop held in Bloemfontein”

  1. Godwin Sweto says:

    How does the RAS system impact the retail price of paraffin versus LPG?

    • Danelle van der Merwe says:


      Thank you for making contact with the RMI. I will have Viv from SAPRA contact you regarding your question.

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