Time to stand together

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As we pass the midpoint of 2017, Jakkie Olivier, CEO of the RMI, explains why it’s important for members of the Organisation to stand together as a collective

We all lead such busy lives, but if we stop to consider the fact that we’ve reached this year’s halfway mark, we would realise how quickly time passes. Reaching this particular point of the year allows us the opportunity to look back on the first six months and reflect on the challenges overcome and victories attained.

Looking back does not necessarily mean moving forward, so we, as members and the Organisation, should also take the time to think very seriously about the objectives and aims we would like to accomplish by the time that December rolls around.

The month of July is also the start of the new financial year and loyal members of the RMI will once again be confronted with a decision regarding the renewal of their RMI membership based on the value they have received from belonging to the RMI and being represented by a collective voice in the retail motor industry. From the RMI’s point of view, we are grateful to report another successful period – we have improved our financial status and reserve levels, and we have increased our membership.

Following the successes achieved during the June 2016/2017 financial year, it seems we are perfectly poised for the implementation of the New Thinking Model from 1 July 2017. This concept, which I discussed in the May 2017 issue of Automobil, aims to establish a more commercially driven Organisation while retaining a very strong labour focus.

This year presents ongoing challenges for the business community with ongoing legal battles against important business principles, heightened consumer demands and more onerous legislation, and of course, the robust political arena. As South Africans we have learnt to be flexible and proactive, and it shows as a nation, we can stand together for a better future for all.

When faced with trying situations, the value of a united front becomes even clearer. Now is the time for us to stand together as a collective in order to influence decision-making at various forums for improved business conditions. The RMI and its constituent associations will continue to be effective only if we remain strong in numbers – that’s why your support is critical.

In addition to our collective influence for your protection and value-added products, superior member service and quality communication remain our top priorities for the year ahead. This builds up the reputation of not only the RMI and Associations, but also the reputation of you our members, which is a critical aspect to ensure sustainable business success. As a business, a solid reputation among stakeholders (RMI members or your customers) allows all of us to weather the storms, achieve our objectives more easily, enjoy growth and enhance economic stability.

To you, our loyal member, I would like to extend my sincere thanks for your support during the past year. The RMI has experienced a good year financially, although we are always trying to increase our membership numbers, to be completely representative of the Industry. I strongly urge you to actively participate in the activities of your Organisation by attending meetings and events as communicated to you by our various offices.

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