Update on negotiations in the Metal and Engineering Industries’ Bargaining Council (MEIBC)

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Further to our update of the 25th of July 2017, please note that that we are able to advise that as a result of NUMSA seeking an extension for providing feedback to SEIFSA, it was decided by SEIFSA to postpone its meeting until the 7th of August 2017.

The reason for NUMSA delaying its feedback is due to the fact that they are currently consulting with their various regions in order to get the SEIFSA deal considered with the aim of gaining acceptance. Clearly and as a result of this process it is unlikely that any industrial action is expected this week and it can possibly be concluded that the chance of a national strike finally eventuating has diminished significantly by the SEIFSA deal currently being considered.

In the meantime, SEIFSA is engaged in discussions with all its own internal structures on its current deal-proposal extended to NUMSA, to ensure the necessary associational support in order to get this agreement extended to the rest of the industry (Neasa has however elected to distance themselves from this deal and is seeking a separate bilateral process with NUMSA which has yet to happen).

Given the sensitivity of the process SEIFSA have advised that they are not at liberty yet to disclose the content of the deal-proposal outside of their immediate circle, but we will keep members informed as soon as further information comes to hand.

The RMI continues to urge its Members that are dependent on the supply of metal and metal products, in to invoke appropriate contingency measures to ensure that they have sufficient supply in the event of strike action and the associated disruptions in supply that follows as a consequence.

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