Light Vehicle CBMT Level 1 (Textbook)

The Light Vehicle CBMT Level 1 (Textbook) is the perfect book to start you’re training as a Light Motor Vehicle Technician.It will first introduce you to safety in the workshop and first aid then you can start learning.




  1. Introduction to Automotive Technology and Competency-Based Learning
  2. Safety and First Aid in the Workshop
  3. Identifying Lubricants, Metals and Materials
  4. Care and Use of Tools Applicable to the Trade
  5. Identifying Locking Devices
  6. Identifying and Fitting Gaskets and Seals
  7. Applying Basic Hand Skills
  8. Names and Functions of Motor Vehicle Components
  9. Understanding the Fundamentals of Lubrication Systems
  10. Understanding Basic Electricity
  11. Using Lifting Equipment
  12. Performing a Service to Motor Vehicle
  13. Workplace Communications

Appendix A  Scientific Terms
Appendix B  Standard Acrony


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