Light Vehicle CBMT Level 2 (Textbook)

The Light Vehicle CBMT Level 2 (Textbook) is the next stage in you’re training.This level will start to teach you how to service Light Motor Vehicles and more.




    1. Studying the Fundamentals of Technology
    2. Identifying Bushes and Bearings, and Removing, Inspecting and Replacing Bearings
    3. Servicing Motor Vehicle Components
    4. Identifying, Removing, Diagnosing and Replacing Fuel System Components (Carburettor Systems)
    5. Emissions Control
    6. Removing, Inspecting and Replacing Cooling System Components
    7. Engine Lubrication
    8. Removing and Replacing Suspension Components
    9. Understanding the Fundamentals of Steering and Wheel Components
    10. Fusing Metals
    11. Lighting Systems

    Appendix A  Scientific Terms
    Appendix B  Standard Acronyms


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