Light Vehicle CBMT Level 3 (Textbook)

The Light Vehicle CBMT Level 3 (Textbook) is the advanced learning stage.In this Level you will start to learn about servicing a engine, clutch, etc.




    1. Removing, Reconditioning and Replacing Cylinder Heads
    2. Dismantling, Servicing, Repairing and Assembling the Engine Block and It’s Main Components
    3. Removing, Diagnosing and Replacing Fuel System Components
    4. Understanding Basic Electricity
    5. Testing Ignition System Components
    6. Studying the Fundamentals of Engine Efficiency and Forced Charging
    7. Removing, Testing, Repairing and Replacing Electrical Components
    8. Removing and Replacing Clutch and Transmission Components
    9. Diagnosing Faults and Repairing Brake Systems and Components
    10. Alternative Fuel Systems

    Appendix A  Scientific Terms
    Appendix B  Standard Acronyms


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