Light Vehicle CBMT Level 4 (Textbook)

The Light Vehicle CBMT Level 4 (Textbook) is the final stage in the Light Vehicle Technician training books.In this book you will learn advanced Light Motor Vehicle servicing.In this book you will learn to identify, remove, repair and replace advanced systems such as transmission systems, air-conditioning systems, etc




  1. Diagnosing, Removing, Repairing and Replacing Advanced Transmission Systems
  2. Identifying, Testing and Repairing Advanced Mechanical and Electronic Systems
  3. Understanding Advanced Electronic Ignition Systems
  4. Understanding, Diagnosing, Removing, Replacing and Commissionin Air-Conditioning Systems
  5. Identifying and Understanding Advanced High-Speed Diesel Engines
  6. Removing and Replacing Diesel Fuel Injectors and Pumps, Servicing Filters and Diagnosing Engine Performance

Appendix A  Scientific Terms
Appendix B  Standard Acronyms


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