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Public comment on National Road Traffic Amendment Bill (B7-2020)


Please find below a copy of the National Road Traffic Amendment Bill (B7-2020).

Please be advised that this Bill is currently out for public comment for sending this bill through and as a result The Portfolio Committee on Transport have invited interested people and stakeholders to submit written comments on the National Road Traffic Amendment Bill [B 7 – 2020].

The Bill seeks, among other things (as well as matters connected thereto), to: (text and summary courtesy of Alta Swanepoel).

-Amend the National Road Traffic Act, 1996, so as to insert new and amend other definitions

-Provide for the suspension and cancellation of the registration of an examiner for driving licenses or an examiner of vehicles, if such person has been convicted of an offence listed in Schedule 1 or 2 of the Criminal Procedure Act, 1977 (Act No. 51 of 1977), or has a direct or indirect conflict of interest

-Provide for the registration and grading of training centres

-Further provide for the registration of parties listed hereafter as well as the appointment of inspectorates of manufacturers, builders, body builders, importers and manufacturers of number plates; to, along with registration and an inspectorate of the following parties, also extend the right to appeal to manufacturers of blank number plates as well as reflective sheeting for number plates, suppliers of blank number plates, suppliers of reflective sheeting for number plates, embossers of number plates, weighbridge facilities, manufacturers of microdots, suppliers of microdots and microdot fitment centres

-Require the relevant provincial Department or local authority responsible for transport to register a driving licence testing centre before operating as a driving licence testing centre

-Provide for the surrender of a driving licence by a holder thereof and the re-issuing of a different category of a licence on request to the chief executive officer

-Prohibit the wilful or negligent issuing of a learner’s licence or authorising the issue of a learner’s licence, endorsing or failure to endorse a learner’s licence, or to produce, print or manufacture any document similar to a learner’s licence, contrary to Chapter IV of the National Road Traffic Act, 1996

-Prohibit the use of unauthorised aid during a test for a learner’s licence or a driving licence test, and the disqualification therefor

-Provide for the registration and grading of driving school instructors as well as driving schools; and

-Further prohibit and reduce the limit of alcohol in a specimen of blood taken from any part of the body.

The closing date for submissions is 20 November 2020 and all enquiries as well as written submissions can be sent to the Portfolio Committee on Transport (Attention: Valerie Carelse) via e-mail to 

In addition to the written comments, you may also indicate your interest in making a verbal presentation to the Committee.