The RMI in collaboration with BEE Dynamix is proud service provider for RMI4BEE. The service allows you to adapt your transformation efforts to achieve maximum benefits without compromising objectives, staff and stakeholder needs.

Through the insight and understanding of BEE developments, we will be able to clarify whether you would require BEE consulting assistance and/ore BEE compliance verification.

BEE categories:
There are three categories in which entities can be categorised for BEE purposes. This is determined by the annual turnover of the entity.

  1. Entities with a turnover of less than R5m per annum are categorised as Exempt Micro-Enterprises (EME), and are exempt from producing a detailed scorecard. However, they do need to show proof of their status, and this is done by confirming the annual turnover, ownership composition and other pertinent details.
  2. Entities with a turnover of between R5m and R35m per annum are categorised as Qualifying Small Enterprises (QSE) and need to comply with only 4 of the 7 elements of BEE. Each element is weighted at 25 points giving a total of 100 points. The criteria for each of these elements are less onerous for QSE’s.
  3. Entities with an annual turnover in excess of R35m are scored against the generic scorecard as contained in the Codes of good Practice on BEE.

Contact 0861 764 233/012 345 5681 or email neo.bokaba@rmi.org.za for more information.