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RMI4law offers members a 24/7/365 legal support service on a national basis, specially tailored to suit your needs and ably managed by qualified attorneys.

For further information please contact 0861 668 677

24hr emergency legal services

The strategic partnership between RMI & Legalex was formed to ensure that all members can afford to firstly know and understand their rights and secondly to be able to afford it.

Business owners are frequently confronted with complex legal issues or in fringe on their rights due to a lack of knowledge.

The RMI4law product gives the member a powerful legal partner in conducting business, whilst protecting its bottom line.

RMI4law members enjoy the following benefits

  • 24/7 Telephonic legal advice
  • Legal Representation to the value of R200 000 a year
  • Access to standard legal documentation

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Every RMI member can now afford an attorney! Call us today to join RMI4law on 0861 668 677

To sign up, download and fill out this form and send it to

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Effective 1 June 2019


Total debt (Premium)

Legal costs per legal proceeding

Legal cost per year

RMI4LAW SILVER 300.00 30 000 100 000
RMI4LAW GOLD 410.00 30 000 200 000

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