The Retail Motor Industry Organisation in collaboration with Guardrisk Allied Products & Services have structured a range of insurance products that are available to all RMI members. For more information please contact Jeffrey Mopeloa 0860 104 202 / 011 669 3512 or email mopeloaj@guardrisk.co.za or rmi4sure@guardrisk.co.za

What is RMI 4 Sure?

 The RMI4SURE Programme is designed to cater for the major risk exposures that are faced by the RMI members.

  • The RMI4SURE Programme was developed at the request of the RMI to provide an innovative, yet comprehensive added value insurance option for their members.
  • The aim of the facility is to utilise the collective buying power of the RMI and all its members to procure wider cover in the insurance market at competitive rates.
  • This facility will enable members to participate in potential future underwriting profits

What insurance products will be available?

 Material Damage and Business Interruption Policy – This policy will provide a basic package to cover money, theft and increased cost of working

 The policy will also provide cover for fire and other perils as well as business interruption cover following losses covered under the policy

 Motor Vehicle Policy– This cover is available for all vehicles owned, leased or operated by the members.

 Public Liability including Defective Workmanship and Products Liability (Compulsory) –This policy ensures that there is superior cover for a wide range of legal liabilities you may incur in the operation of your business.

 Motor traders (Internal and External) – Cover is available for physical damage to vehicles operated by members in the course of their business operation.

 Roadside Assistance – Provision of Roadside Assistance is available to cover all participating RMI clients.

 Are your current insurance covers adequate?

 RMI 4 Sure has a recommended structured basic package, which provides minimum levels of cover. This is designed to ensure that there is limited underinsurance. In event of you requiring higher limits these are available.

 What about my existing insurance broker arrangements?

The facility has been structured to provide maximum benefit to RMI members at competitive prices, RMI acknowledge that existing relationships are maintained where possible.

 How will I benefit?

 You will receive wider covers at competitive premiums.

  • Future stability of premiums.
  • Potential future shares in underwriting profits.
  • Financial protection in the event of a loss.
  • Participating in self-insurance structures.
  • Additional value added services to be introduced.

 What additional Benefits are available?

  •  Factoring and Discounting
  • 24 hour road assistance
  • Approved by RMI
  • Harnessing intellectual capital of one of SA’s leading financial institutions to benefit RMI members.