South African Motor Body Repairers’ Association

SAMBRA, as a proud constituent association of the RMI, represents the interests of the Collision Repair Industry in South Africa.

SAMBRA represents the vast majority of the repairer market in South Africa that are able to achieve the standards of SAMBRA’ grading system. The grading system is devised to allow all levels of repairer to become a SAMBRA member, however restrictions are placed on our members in terms of the level of work they are permitted to carry out.

All the activities of SAMBRA are aimed at developing a sound sustainable Industry for all role players that interact with the Industry on various levels.SAMBRA develops its members and their staff through consistent training. SAMBRA is in the process of developing an Industry standard CSI programme that will constantly monitor the service levels of the Repairers and other role players in the collision repair industry. In addition a benchmarking programme will be introduced soon to start the accumulation of essential data on the collision repair industry. This data will be used to empower our members and facilitate better understanding of the repair industry by the other role players in it.

For more information please contact Eddie Martin on 021 939 9440 or email