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Technical and development practitioner aims to be agent of change through education

Story 8 9 N. Brown

Brown is a Technical and Development Practitioner at VWSA in Uitenhage. He graduated with an Advanced Diploma in Technical and Vocational Teaching (Adv. Dip in TVT, NQF 7) Cum-Laude at Nelson Mandela University (NMU) last year, funded by the merSETA.

He says the course provided him with great insights on the value of education, such as that education should be a holistic approach. It is about teaching the mind, heart and hands, where educators become agents of change and are able to speak from a position of strength.

“The different pedagogies and methodologies applied in the course shaped and instilled in me an open and progressive mindset. Self-reflection is imperative and one has to put aside one’s own philosophies in order to advance the greater good in education for learners,” Brown explains.

Brown is an ambitious and dedicated mentor who has always aspired to empower himself so as to be able to pass wisdom and knowledge to his learners. This ambition was clear from an early stage in his life, as he progressed from one qualification to another.

After matriculating, he obtained an N6 Electrical Certificate from the Port Elizabeth College and qualified as an Electrician at VWSA Technical Learning Academy and worked as a Maintenance Electrician for almost 10 years. Brown also holds a National N Diploma in Electrical, Mechatronics L4 qualification, is a Registered Facilitator & Assessor, Coaching and Mentoring and performs one-on-one training through Teams Consultants.

He recently obtained his certificate in Training & Development Management at University of Cape Town (UCT), which added much value to his development. As a Technical and Development Practitioner (Vocational Teacher), Brown’s focus is mainly on theory, practical and on-the-job training in skills development for apprentices and learners from various institutes e.g. Technical & Vocational Education & Training (TVET), Private and Public sector.

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Supplied by: Merseta. By: Thomas Lethoba