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  1. Good day maybe you can help me. I was working for a company at the pannelshop.They dismissal me. The Friday when me and my Forman (Director) give HR my papers, they send to him tell Mr van Zyl (I was with him,standing there),I must bring a copy of my ID Dokument and a Bankstatement,it is for my pension fund,if I don’t give it I don’t get my pension fund. Monday went and give it to them,you don’t go to wait love then I go to get my pension.I was working for more than seven YEARS for them. I fine then and sent emails to them,don’t now how Manny months, one day get a email of them sorry the company don’t have a pensionfund. About my providentfund (I sign papers I don’t want it) now who will sign papers for money you work for. Hope you can help me, thanks

    1. Afternoon,

      Thank you for making contact with the RMI. Apologies for the delay.
      You will have to contact MIBCO in this regard. Please contact MIBCO on 0861 664 226

  2. Good morning
    We have an isuzu kb 250 we use it for courier services our vehicle went in for an engine overall it was by the engineer for a whole month we also had loss of income when we got our vehicle back it had the same problem there was oil leaks we have gone back to the engineer on several acounts but the vehicle still remains the same we have replaced 2 turbos since vehicle was repaired and everyday we must fill up with oil we did pay the engineer R9000 for the work but vehicle is in a state