13. The Motor Industry Ombudsman

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  1. Hi, My sister was an account holder for innovation warranty policy and her names are Dineo Olivia Mopailo ID 820608 0553 089, cell 0824279147 and Myne Phillip Morapedi Mopailo 7307125477085 cell 0649902659, Innovation instructed me to take the car to Toolweb Vereeniging 0164227854 Mannie Leroux on 30 August 2020 till now as the dealer gave them warranty of a year for engine replacement which happened in February 2020 and I was charged R10000 access for a new engine but my car is still at the mechanic, When we make a followup call I was told the policy has expired and the Mechanic said to them he put a second hand engine that I agrred with him but it’s strange one can pay R10000 access for second hand engine, Now my request is to lay a charge against both Insuarance and Mechanic for poor service rendered. 9months paying for the car at the bank but not using it .

    1. Afternoon,

      Thank you for making contact with the RMI. This is wonderful.

      Natasha, copied in this mail, will be in contact with you soon and assist accordingly.

    2. Renew it rivonia
      My car is there for over 2 months and they did a terrible job not only on paint but not replacing parts that were authorized…and they stole my battery
      Manager of renew it was very unhelpful and is proud of how the car is , really pathetic work

      1. Hi
        I took my car for wheel alignment on 20 November 2021 to MotorVision in Pretoria.
        Last weekend on 23 January 2022 I noticed that my right from tyre is damaged due alignment issues. The manger/ owner told me that this is because my tyres are worn out. My questions is why only one tyre? He told me that the report shows that the alignment was done right. The next question is, what is the frequency for aligning wheels, monthly, weekly?
        I need help to resolve this as we I’m taking for granted and not advised properly. My settlement is tyre replacement due to bad advise anf maybe poor workmanship.

        1. Afternoon,

          Thank you for making contact with the RMI.
          Moipone, copied in this mail, will be in contact with soon.

  2. I need help i took the car for repairs at THE MOTOR GURU workshop in centurion the car was fixed for R5100 strange i drove it for a day it died i contacted the mechanic instructed me to bring it back thinking he gonna fixed it for free since his invoice got 30000 km or 12months guarantee to my surprise he send me whatsapp with quotation of R15 384.70 i paid then after 2days i discover oil leaks i spoke to him he said u must bring it back later the same day he send his receptionist to call with quote of R2900 i refuse to pay he tempered with my car because he said i must come take my car then tried to start it never started with key i had to kick start it then find another auto electrician he cost me R2550 help me

    1. Afternoon Aron,

      Thank you for making contact with the RMI.

      Tumisho will be in contact with you soon.

  3. Good Day

    I need assistance and advice.

    I booked my vehice in at a registred RMI for scheduled maintenace on the 13/09/2021.The repairs that was scheduled was a Selinoid Valve,Oxygen Probe and Electo Valve.Two months down the line i was infromed that the Cylincer head blow.Today i am told that the entire engine needs to be replaced on the vehicle and this doenst make sense as the vehicle drove perfectly before i booked it .Please advise at this matter has been dragging on for way to long.

    1. Afternoon,
      Thank you for making contact with the RMI.
      Please provide me with the area you are based in and company that assisted you, in order for a RMI consultant to make contact with you.

  4. Good Day

    I need some assistance to file a complaint as my car has been with the service provider in Durban from last year March / April 2021 for repairs and to date is still there a claim has been paid for the initial problem which diagnostics was noted by the service provider my vehicle was meant to be repaired ,but been back twice already which eventually got worse now he is refusing to take responsibility , I have made contact with the service provider and he says my vehicle is not priority after it been there for a long time. The details or history of it leading to this point is lengthy as there more to detail but I will be typing till forever is there someone I can perhaps contact to assist as this matter is really frustrating my car is not even at his workshop where it was left in the begin for repairs , and to get information from him mission impossible.

    The time of the unrest my vehicle was there and he left a message for me to collect my vehicle , so I called him back asked him how would I do so in the middle of all this and as my car was now unable to be driven , he told me if I don’t get it towed as is which is not repaired he is not responsible for my vehicle and if anything happens I must then claim from my insurance.

    I am just done dealing with his lies and bad service not to mention his not to mention his attitude never mind the fact that Im his client and the car belongs to me.


    1. Afternoon,

      Thank you for making contact with the RMI.

      Robin, copied in this mail, will be in contact with you soon regarding your enquiry.
      All the best,

  5. My vehichle went in for repairs on the 10th of December 2021 with a petrol pump and injector issue at kent Kent Motors. I recieved the car back on the 27 of January 2022.
    On the 29th of January i had noticed that the airbag and traction control warning lights would go on and off randomly. Then eventually on Monday (2022/02/14) i would get a check engine
    and engine mulfunction lights. On Tuesday (2022/02/15) i took the car to the Kent Motors as i suspected something was wrong. The mechanics manager (Dwayne) i had told that the traction control and airbags lights have been switching on and off ever since i got the car back. He then adviced me to take it to an auto electricial.
    The auto electrician then noticed a lose wire and said it might be it thats causing the problem. He then fixed, repaied the wire and charged me R839.50.
    I believe the was control modulas wire was not connected properly by whoever was dealing with my car at Kent motors, poor workmanship on their side and they should pay for their negligence not me. I did speak with Richard from Kent Motots (2022/02/17) but the company won’t accept responsibility. When was the car was with them I could see the battery being disconnected and connected again. Negligence on their side not seeing that the wire is now loose, their saying it’s wear and tear which isn’t the case.

  6. I have logged a complaint with an RMI GPmotors in Krugersdorp that has robbed me money. They signed and forged my signature to claim on my insurance and also made me to pay cash. They failed to provide proof of the items they claimed to have have. I had taken my car to two places to confirm what was needed on my car and they then put things which were not broken. I have tried to report this but I have not received any positive outcome and would like to take this matter further.

  7. I recently purchased a chery tiggo 4 pro elite se cvt as new. The vehicle, however, came with over 10 000km odometer. Will this vehicle be classified as new?

    1. Afternoon Mduduzi,

      Thank you for making contact with the RMI.
      Raoul will be in contact with you soon. All the best,

  8. I had a very BAD experience with BMW NORTHCLIFF DEALER WORKMANSHIP – Please be aware that the the dealers bullshit our consumer on their workmanship….they were suppose to put new gasket set on my car, and what they have done they put SILICONE for the oil leaks….so be very careful

    1. Afternoon,

      Thank you for making contact with the RMI and for bringing this to our attention.
      Natasha will be in contact with you soon. All the best

    2. Join the club…the service at BMW midrand isn’t much better! Been without my vehicle since 2022/05/30!

      1. My vehicle was taken to BMW Midrand after petrol was added to my diesel vehicle. The fuelstation paid for the repairs and 2 days after I took delivery of the vehicle again, it broke down. A faulty fuel level sensor was diagnosed. The said sensor is part of one of the components replaced, and could not have been dammaged by the petrol that was added (as given by BMW as the reason for it’s failure). My enquiry was escalated to a director of BMW, but they still denied reponsibility! I am without a vehicle since 2022/05/30!

        1. Afternoon,

          Thank you for making contact with the RMI.
          Natasha will be in contact with you soon. All the best,

      2. Afternoon,

        Thank you for making contact with the RMI.
        Natasha will be in contact with you soon. All the best,

  9. Hi i bought a used Car in Dec 2021 nd in Feb I took it to the dealership as there was a Squicky sound bt when I got there they ddnt hear the sound so I promised to send it back and now 5months down the line the Car needs Oil Service, what I wanted to check if the law still allows me to take it back to them so they do the Brakes and do Service?

    1. Afternoon Sabelo,

      Thank you for making contact with the RMI.
      Natasha will be in contact with you soon. All the best,

  10. Good day RMI

    My car had an engine seized last year November, Innovation Group took charge of the quote but I had to pay R29000 as a short fall of the original quote, yes they did the engine, strangely enough my car caught fire in the Dealership’s workshop which is MTech Autoworx. Since it occurred inside their workshop, MTech spoke with their insurance, and their insurance sent their Assessor 2 evaluate the damages on the vehicles n their Assessor said they should strip the car more. I am not sure whether that occurred or not, then I received the car in January.

    In February I started seeing warning lights of an engine, I notified the dealership he said I should take it in so that he can see what is that warning light I was seeing, but since I was in East London I couldn’t take it in, then earlier in May I had the same warning light (engine oil pressure low) and a rackling noise on engine side, I told him that n he said I should take it in for diagnosis, on the 31st of May I took it in for diagnosis, afternoon on that very same day he called me to come and fetch it n he told me what was the problem.

    On the 6th of June as I was on my way to work, the car just moved the gear from “drive” to “neutral”, I switched off then when I wanted to switch it on, it couldn’t start. Again I called the guy that did the diagnosis that my car wasn’t starting, he said I should take it back to my yard, I did that and it was on my yard for two consecutive days until my wife called this very same guy that did the engine (which is the same guy that did diagnosis). He said he would organise a tow truck to fetch it from my yard to his workshop. Ever since then it’s been there in his workshop since forever, he doesn’t call us for update, it’s our baby to call him, and we feel like he is not prioritizing us because it is his rework, and we feel like if we were of a different race, he would’ve speed up this whole thing.

    I called Innovation Group as my warranty insurance, I told them the very same story, they said I must contact you. I don’t have a problem with the dealership, my only concern is that of putting me last on the line but it is their (rework/come back) job.

    You can call me at 083 300 3221

    Personal details:
    Melikhaya Lesley Ngqanda
    851109 5251 086
    835 Nkewana Street 6205
    PE (Gqeberha)
    083 300 3221

    Car details:
    F30, Auto
    JPK 332 EC
    White in color
    2014 Model

    Kind regards
    ML Ngqanda

    1. Afternoon,

      Thank you for making contact with the RMI.
      Peter will also be in contact with you soon. All the best,

  11. Good day

    Hope all is well

    Please can you help me with the following query I have sent my car in for repairs at BnR Auto in Jacobs Durban in March 2022 its now July 2022 and I have not received my car back. Major repairs were to be undertaken on the engine and I agreeded to pay the cost of R80000 of which I have already paid R35000 to date I have not received my car back. It seems they undertook the repairs and did not do it properly and while the car was in their possession the car once again had an engine failure I however had nothing to do with this BNR AUTO had the car drove the car and was preforming testing on the vehicle when it broke the second time they acknowledged this and advised me they will repair the car and not change the initial quote they gave me as I did not take delivery of the car and it was broken by their staff in their possession. To date they give me the run around and have not given me a eta for return of a fixed working vehicle which I already paid almost half for. This is now costing me my job as I am a rep and my company now wants to fire me due to not having a vehicle for so many months and I am unable to do my job. I don’t mind they may keep the car as long as it takes to fix but at least they could provide me with a loan car I will accept anything I am not fussy at all I just don’t want to lose my job. I have told them this but they don’t seem to care. Please can you provide me with some advice or some kind of help I am really desperate and don’t want to loose my job. Thank you for your time and help

    The car is with BnR Auto
    Tel 0835175052

    1. Afternoon Urvashni,

      Thank you for making contact with the RMI.

      Robin will also be in contact with you soon. All the best,

  12. Good day

    please could someone assist me, i have a vw polo 2018 model with +/- 66500km on the clock and to my shock heard this loud sound coming from the engine so I immediately pull over & contacted my insurance to tow my car this was last week Sunday. I then had my car checked out at VW and was informed that the Camshaft Adjuster was causing this sound & needs to be replaced at a coat of R17500. I then spoke to 2 other VW technicians who said & confirmed that this Camshaft Adjuster should only be a concern after the car has done more than 120000km…so I feel like when i bought the car there must have been a faulty part/ camshaft adjuster fitted into my car because how it is possible for this part to break or need to be replaced so soon….please could someone help or guide me on the way forward

    thank you

    1. Afternoon Nadia,

      Thank you for making contact with the RMI.

      Deon will also be in contact with you soon. All the best,

  13. Good day

    I took my car for service on 30 May 2022 for 210 000km service, 31 May 2022 my car hit the block. My dashboard did not light or show any sign that there was something wrong. I just heard the sound and stopped on the side of the road and called the RMI centre (PointS)where I serviced my vehicle. To my surprise the oil that came out of my vehicle was dark in colour. My vehicle was towed to the centre and they checked the vehicle and said it is my responsibility as the vehicle left the centre without any problems. I went there with a mechanic and they refused to answer questions that he asked them about how they serviced my vehicle, they started being cheeky and so we left. I went to the centre and asked them to drain the oil out of the sump and only half a glass of oil came out and it was dark in colour. I took the oil for lab testing and the results came back that there were traces of water found in the oil. I went back to the centre to ask them where does the water come from as my car as anti-freeze and they dismissed me. I asked them to give me my vehicle and they told me once it leaves, they will not be accountable for the findings that are found on the vehicle. My car has been with them for 6 weeks and whenever I go there, they give me attitude. The last encounter they told me to report this matter to the ombudsman and only then after the findings they will fix my vehicle.

    1. Afternoon,

      Thank you for making contact with the RMI.
      Natasha will be in contact with you soon regarding your enquiry below. All the best,

  14. Hi I bought a Carin April but it went 5 time in RMI workshop due to breakdown..and at SSS motors Newcastle they put at old pump on my Mercedes Benz not the car has breakdown again because of the pump .Planet 42 forced me repairs the car in my own expense , but the GIG Dealership and Motorvaps warranty agree and made payment on this old diesel pump that is been fitted in my car ..Pls help

    1. Afternoon Zandile,

      Thank you for making contact with the RMI.

      Julian will also be in contact with you soon. All the best,

  15. Good day
    I have a car the was purchased 8 months ago.the engine fucked up it need the new one garge advise the car to be taken back to the dealership cause it was involved in a car accident which we were not aware off when car was brought . If taken to either mechanic they say the same or pay 160000 .please help this with thrse issues dealership UF Cars scams people selling written of cars ……

    1. Afternoon,

      Thank you for contacting the RMI.

      Bhavna will be in contact with you soon regarding your enquiry below. All the best,

  16. Good day
    My name is Thozama kula cell number 072 9560 372 I have been told that i have worked at motor industry ombudsman since the 1st of August 2020 til June 2021 and i don’t remember working there, i got all of this information from the department of labour.
    Could you please help me resolve this becouse its holding me back and to clarify this i need a letter explaining how i never worked there.
    Thank u

    1. Afternoon,

      Thank you for contacting the RMI.

      Jeff will be in contact with you soon regarding your enquiry below. All the best,

  17. I have a compliant to lodge with the GP Motorworks, ever since I took my vehicle there for a timing chain replacement the car has never been the same and has the same problem and everytime I took my car there for them to rectify the problem they keep on charging me for a different solution. Please assist me recover my money from these guys so that I can go take my car to someone who knows what the problem is as GP Motorworks always tells me that their machine does not find faults on the car but everytime I start my car in the morining its still doing the same thing.

    1. Afternoon,

      Thank you for contacting the RMI.

      Natasha will be in contact with you soon regarding your request. All the best,

  18. On 24/08/2022 I collected my car from Auto Renew • On 30/08/2022 I called the repairers and indicated that my car had a knock sound from left suspension that was repaired and they indicated that there was nothing wrong with the car after collecting it and returning it later. • I continued to drive the car but the know sound kept on getting worse. • On 05/10/2022 I then took my car to BMW for them to assess this knock sound as I feared that other further damages might occur. • As it turned out from the assessment, the previous repairers (Auto renew) had used old parts on the car and some other parts were not replaced as quoted and that was a high risk. I was also not informed of the use of old parts on the car as I would have never consented to that. My complaint is on the risk that me and my family were placed under due the unethical conduct of Auto Renew. What would have happened to myself and my family had something happened to us due to the work done by a repairer

    1. Afternoon,

      Thank you for contacting the RMI.

      Natasha will be in contact with you soon regarding your request. All the best,

  19. Good day, I, Isaac, reachable at 0828835276, had booked my car for major service with Maemo Motors Rustenburg on the 3rd of October 2022. On arrival we agreed that the car will be diagnosed, and a quotation sent thereof since it is out of warranty. The service consultant called me back the same day, 3rd of October, after diagnostic tests were completed and provided me with a quotation for me to authorize the repairs. I duly authorized them to start working on my car with the expectation of getting the call late in the afternoon to come and pay for and collect, which is a norm I am used to with them. To my shock the service lady called me back saying that the parts are not available and must be ordered, and the car will be ready by Thursday for collection, I agreed to the arrangement and took leave of absence and waited for the car to be ready as promised. Another shock followed on Thursday (Expecting the car) when I was called by the “real” service advisor, Marius using 066 287 0303, (the initial service lady was just standing up for Marius who was off duty) who said to me that I need to pay 50% of the quote before parts can be ordered. I was so disturbed because I depend on the car as a means of transport to and fro from work and 4 days had already gone by without mobility. I then hired a Bolt to them and confronted Marius about this poor service and the inconvenience but replied to me that there is nothing he can do, I demanded to see the workshop manager and stated my dissatisfaction and the need for a curtesy car whilst waiting for my car. The request was rejected and I was promised that they will send a driver to go and collect the parts and on Friday the car will be ready. To another shock, I received the WhatsApp message from Marius after I had left the service dealer that he had placed an order on parts and the provisional ETA was for 26th October 2022, and they never cared to explain to me what that really means (mind you the quotation is fully paid). They still refused to give me a curtesy car for their mistakes and treated me unfairly. I remain without a car and since I am not mobile. I am in a position of losing money, work and clients. Please advise.

    1. Afternoon,

      Thank you for contacting the RMI.

      Tumisho will be in contact with you soon regarding your request. All the best,

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