Motor Industry Invitation to Participate in the WorldSkills Competition São Paulo 2015

As the automotive motor industry, we have participated in the Leipzig 2013 WorldSkills Competition in three motor skills with great success and an automotive sub-sector, the motor industry is intent on bettering our performance. We already have many processes and controls in place that are working and have been elementary to our success, but with your involvement we looking to build on what we have and improve for São Paulo 2015.

Again, the Retail Motor Industry Organisation will serve as the custodian for the São Paulo 2015 WorldSkills competition for the three (3) automotive motor trades/skills categories (i.e. Automotive Technology, Automobile Technology and Car painting)

From the structures and committees of Leipzig 2013 for the three motor skills categories, a unanimous decision was taken to again invite industry role-players to get involved and participate in the selection and preparation for the São Paulo WorldSkills Competition 2015.

Please take note of the following:

In summation (as encapsulated in the documents used for Leipzig 2013 and modified for São Paulo 2015)

  • Delegates who participate in this process do so on free will and for the good will of achieving tangible “World-class” ratings for South Africa’s automotive Technology, auto-body repair and car-painting skills  through an internationally acclaimed competition i.e. The WorldSkills Competition.
  • Consideration must be given to the fact that stakeholders will engage by voluntarily rendering their services at various levels of the competition (i.e. home based or in São Paulo), through which they offer their time, may incur cost and expect not to reap financial gain by choosing to participate.
  • Participants choosing to engage in this initiative, choose to do so on the value and goal of wanting to select and support competitors who will glorify the status of the automobile technology, auto-body repair and car painting skills categories of South Africa on an international level. Contributors do this for the pride of the nation.
  • All invited delegates are also hereby kindly requested to extend/swop the invite to/with other industry role-players or relevant parties who may be able contribute to the course- this invitation extension aims to ensure that WorldSkills is an industry inclusive event.

For further information please contact Maritza Le Roux on 011 886 6300 or