Who is the RMI?

With a membership of 7 500, the RMI provides a very effective collective voice that gives members considerable clout in negotiating better trading conditions. As the lead voice in the motor industry, the RMI is a member-driven organisation that constantly seeks solutions to concerns raised by members in the day-to-day running of their businesses. Members' needs are serviced through six regional offices, manned by 83 professional staff. In addition, the RMI is the major employer representative of the Motor Industry Bargaining Council, playing a significant role in labour negotiations as well as the industry's social benefit schemes, dispute resolution processes and exemption procedures.

The Story in the Story Board:

A pictorial representation of the Organisation’s culture, values and norms across its various sub-components. A moral compass that guides its members and staff in pursuit of its goals:
!! Belonging is Better Business !!

  • Mission
  • To be the lead voice in the motor industry.

  • Vision
  • The RMI is the proactive, relevant retail and associated motor industry organisation recognised both as the lead voice serving the daily needs of its members and for its key role in enabling motor traders to deliver top class service to motoring customers in South Africa.

  • Slogan
  • Belonging is Better Business

  • Code of Conduct:
  • As accredited members of the Retail Motor Industry Organisation we pledge to:

    1. Provide quality products and services at a fair and reasonable price.
    2. Honour both the letter and the spirit of any guarantee accompanying the sale of these products and services.
  • Values
  • Integrity, Unity, Adaptability and Accountability
    These values will be included in performance management reviews and will define how RMI staff and representatives behave according to:

    • Totems:                                 Things we will do
    • Taboos:                                 Thing that we will not do
    • Repetitive interactions:            How we will behave according to our specific job roles.


  • Similar to our vision, the South African Coat of Arms symbolises that we function in South Africa and we represent businesses in South Africa. It depicts that we trade under the South African law and we may interact with other sectors, government institutions and professional bodies. We are proudly South African.
  • The road represents the motor industry – it is what binds us to our vision, mission, values, Code of Conduct and services.
  • The road stretches after the Coat of Arms, into our vision and values – symbolic of the growth potential of the RMI. It means that we can render services and expand beyond the boundaries of South Africa; that we are not cast in stone and our vision, mission and values can change, which speaks to our of Adaptability. The Code of Conduct is what we stand for and that will not change, hence its different location on the story board - away from the distant road and things that can change.
  • The road connects the RMI and all its associations and speaks to belonging; symbolising that we are one, but that each association located alongside the road has its own story to tell. This is a representative of the Road Map of the Retail Motor Industry
  • The watermark of the values is indicative that the shared values of the RMI are embedded in every entity of the RMI, i.e. the members, staff, associations officials and partners.
  • The design of the dots in the watermark is symbolic of all the internal and external policies, protocols and processes that the RMI recognises and respects as drivers of our business functions and how we conduct ourselves.
  • The yellow road line as opposed to the normal white, signifies that the RMI recognises and respects the laws of the Country, but when industry see things differently or require something different where the RMI is mandated correctly, the RMI will challenge that status quo on behalf of industry; hence the yellow colour of the road line. It symbolises that the RMI is the voice of organised business in the retail motor industry, even during challenging times.
  • The border of the story board frames the consistency and connectedness of the entire organisation.
  • The story board itself is a professional portrayal of the RMI, symbolising that the RMI is a true professional body. The story board is what we stand for. It is a story that every person associated to the RMI can extract meaning from.

Objectives of the RMI
  • To promote, protect and encourage the interests of members and the motoring public by setting and maintaining proper standards of service and ethical trading conditions in the industry.
  • Facilitates the settlement of labour disputes between members and their employees by conciliation/mediation/arbitration.
  • Regulates relations between members and their employees and/or trade unions and protects and furthers the interests of members in that regard.
  • Promotes, supports or opposes when necessary, any proposal, legislative or other measures affecting the interests of members.
  • Affiliated with, and participates in the affairs of other bodies sharing common interest with RMI members i.e. NAAMSA, NAACAM, SABS, DoT, Busa, Nedlac, SAPIA, DTI, etc.
  • To maintain high standards of business ethics and service delivery to the motoring public by members of the RMI, and where necessary provide upliftment programmes to improve the knowledge and professionalism of members.
For more information on the RMI click on "About the RMI" above.

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