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Employment Equity Survey (CONFIDENTIAL)

  • The objective of this survey is to assist the RMI and the Associations in discussions with the DoEL to set equitable targets which are fair, achievable and realistic.
  • In order to ensure that we have the latest industry statistics, we are asking members to please complete the attached survey.
  • It is imperative that we have as many members completing their data as possible.

1. Which Association of the RMI is your business a member of *

2. In which Province is your business located *

If you operate in more than one province, please select 'National'.

3. Official Registered Company Name *

4. Official Company Trading Name *

5. Confirm the number of employees in the Company *

6. Advise the duration of your current EE plan *

7. In which year of your current plan are you in at this stage *

8. Employment Equity Barrier Categories as per the EEA12 (Workforce Analysis) *

Select all the categories your organisation currently have barriers for whom you have affirmative measures in place.

9. Provide an abbreviated explanation for all the Categories Selected in Question 8

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All information will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and will be only shared in a consolidated manner, please contact me directly should you have any queries, either in completing the survey or queries regarding discussions with the DoEL.