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A year of prospects, stability and innovation – a word from RMI’s CEO

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I wish all our valued members, industry stakeholders and staff the very best for 2023. As we move into this new year with fresh prospects, we remain optimistic for the year ahead and start the year on a sound financial footing.

Our strategic goals are crystal clear and our strong, committed leadership team is united and focused on adding value to all our members and the automotive industry.

The past two years have taught us several lessons. Perhaps the greatest one is that we can never remain stagnant and need to continuously adapt, transform and innovate.

For the first time in many years, we are pleased to bring you a January edition of Automobil and thought there was no better way to kick off the new year than with some industry insights and thoughts from each of our different associations. You will notice a few common themes which run through the commentary centred around keeping relevant, encouraging innovation, lobbying for a more sustainable and cleaner environment, and a fairer and more equitable trading and labour environment.

There’s also a strong focus on empowerment, transformation, training and upskilling of members in order to embrace our changing environment.

I trust you will enjoy reading the different insights provided and find ways to integrate some of the prospects into your own businesses. As always demonstrating value to consumers remains key and this will be facilitated by the various initiatives planned.

We look forward to a positive year and remain committed to always keeping the interests of our members and the industry top of mind, while making a real and lasting difference in the industry we support and serve.

Read the January Automobil, here: Automobil January 2023 (

Jakkie Olivier 1
Jakkie Olivier - RMI CEO