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A21 Employer Roles and Responsibilities

British Council in collaboration with the Department of Higher Education facilitated the development of digital guidelines for South Africa’s new modern, high quality apprenticeship system, the A21. The guidelines identify A21 stakeholder roles and responsibilities.
Employers of public, private or state-owned companies are the most important stakeholders of the A21 apprenticeship system. As a result, this group has more roles and responsibilities than most other stakeholders. Including:

  1. Learner recruitment, screening and technical checks;
  2. Learner agreements;
  3. Work readiness and induction;
  4. Learner cost management;
  5. Tools of trade and personal protective equipment;
  6. Transport, accommodation and subsistence;
  7. Programme roll-out;
  8. Monitoring and evaluation; and
  9. Cost benefit analysis and incentives.

Learn more by accessing the video below 
Access the A21 Guidelines

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