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From Dreams to Determination: A Journey of Resilience

Meet Anita Natalie Barker, a woman of determination and resilience, who defied the odds to become a successful business owner in the automotive industry. As the owner of BP Nu-Stateway Motors and a proud member of the South African Petroleum Retailer’s Association (SAPRA) and the Retail Motor Industry (RMI), Anita’s journey is an inspiring tale of grit, passion, and leadership.


How Transport Economics Ignited a Spark

Anita’s path to success was not without its challenges. Born and raised in Johannesburg, her dream was to become a medical doctor. However, financial constraints pushed her to pursue nursing and then banking. But Anita’s desire to excel led her to a B.Com degree, which she obtained in 1995. Never one to shy away from further education, she then went on to studying for an Honours degree while simultaneously searching for a new opportunity.

Anita studied transport economics during her B.Com, which ignited a spark within her to venture into the fuel business. In 1999, she took a bold step and acquired BP Nu-Stateway Motors, marking the beginning of her illustrious journey as a female business owner in the automotive industry.

The Heart of BP Nu-Stateway Motors

Anita takes pride in being a hands-on leader. She oversees everything, from financial management to human resources, stock ordering to daily operations and General Manager. It’s a challenging role that demands resilience and adaptability, and Anita has proven time and again that she is up to the task.

Unwavering Determination

One of Anita’s favourite quotes sums up her approach to life perfectly: “Every day is a challenge, face it and move forward. Work hard and play hard.” Her self-inspiration stems from growing up in a humble background and her determination to escape the cycle of poverty. She’s a living testament to the power of hard work and self-belief.

Despite being in a male-dominated industry, Anita hasn’t let anything deter her. Her journey has been marked by countless obstacles, but she emerged victorious, thanks to her persuasive nature and unwavering determination. She stands her ground, ensuring that her voice is heard and respected. Anita’s tenacity and resolve are an inspiration for women everywhere, proving that in the automotive industry, women can indeed shatter glass ceilings.

Women Leading the Way

As an advocate for women in the automotive industry, Anita believes in unity and collaboration. She believes that women possess a unique strength to get things done efficiently. She encourages all women to stand together, becoming one formidable voice that drives growth and empowerment. Her involvement with both the RMI and SAPRA has played a pivotal role in shaping her perspective on women’s empowerment within the industry. When she first joined, women were few, but Anita has witnessed a steady increase in female representation, a testament to the progress being made.

Anita’s aspirations for the future of women in the automotive industry are clear. She envisions a world where more women hold influential positions within associations like the RMI, ensuring that their voices are equally valued in decision-making processes. The appointment of a female as President of the RMI has already proven to be a transformative step, breaking gender barriers and altering perceptions of women’s roles in the industry.

A Leader in the Automotive Industry

In closing, Anita Barker’s journey in the automotive industry is an inspiration. Her dedication, passion, and unwavering spirit have taken her from a humble beginning to a respected leader in a male-dominated field. As a trailblazer in her own right, Anita encourages other women to embrace challenges and pursue their dreams relentlessly. The automotive industry has evolved, and women like Anita are leading the charge, proving that success knows no gender.

So, to all the aspiring women out there, let Anita Barker’s story be a guiding light in your journey to success. Let her journey inspire you to rise above challenges, be persuasive, stand your ground, and never give up. The road may be long, but with determination and unity, women can leave an indelible mark on the automotive industry, driving it towards an inclusive and empowering future.