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Artisan aims to plough back into the community

Merseta 54 1 Artisan Aims To Plough Back

“When surrounded by great mentors, who significantly help shape one’s career, extending the same helping hand to others is a reasonable thing to do.”

This is according to Leon Nortje, a Machine Builder Technician at Filkraft in Paarl, explaining how he was able to ease into his apprenticeship training through guidance from the older generation of artisans he worked with.

“I was trained by great minds, who not only possessed a lot of experience but were patient enough to share their wisdom with young and aspiring artisans like myself,” explains Nortje.

Alongside making sure that he grabs every opportunity that will grow his career, he plans to mentor other aspiring artisans so that they can also build successful careers. “Launching a career can be difficult sometimes, especially if one does not have support. It was not always easy for me, especially because I had to leave behind my family, who have been my support system throughout,” Nortje says.

Having completed his matric in 2016, majoring in Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics, Physical Science and Engineering Graphics and Design (EGD), Nortje went on to pursue a fitting and turning apprenticeship at HG Molenaar in Paarl, funded by the merSETA. He completed the training and is now permanently employed.

Read the full story here. By Geozann Matthysen.