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AutoZone Contributes to Coaching For the Future Project

AutoZone, the largest automotive parts retailer in Southern Africa, is contributing to the Kids Haven non-profit organisation by donating T-shirts to its “Coaching for the Future” project.
International Coaching Week, which ran in February 2012, is a coaching outreach initiative of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). As part of the initiative, the Gauteng Chapter of the ICF has a “Coaching Caravan” that covers various coaching outreach projects locally. The intention of Coaching Week and the “Coaching Caravan” is to expose people and communities to coaching, who would not normally have access to these services.
One of the chapter’s “Coaching Caravan” projects for 2012 was the Kids Haven “Coaching for the Future” programme in which one-on-one coaching was provided to Grade 10 and above learners to help them identify their future career paths, set goals and talk about how they would go about working towards achieving these goals.
In addition to the one-on-one coaching, there was also group activity which harnessed the learners’ energy and enthusiasm around how their future could look. Each learner drew their future onto a ‘vision board’ which they took away with them, as a reminder of the day and the future they were aspiring to have.
According to Sharon Wakeford, an executive coach and ICF member involved in this project, the great value in this initiative was that it was both practical and empowering.
“The learners had the benefit of working with a professional coach to convert their future vision into an action plan, and equally important, it was an opportunity for these learners who are confronted with more challenges than many other learners, to interact with someone who was there just to listen to them and to work with them as a unique individual,” she said.
Kids Haven rehabilitates children living and working on the streets and reintroduces them into society. The stated aim of Kids Haven is to: reach out to children on the streets and others in need in the community and provide them with love and shelter in a nurturing, secure environment. Children are also given guidance, therapy, training and support so that they can be the best they can be and take their rightful place in the community.