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Brand new digital Automobil magazine


It is with great excitement that we announce that Wilken Communication Management has acquired the rights to produce Automobil magazine on behalf of the RMI from the 1st of September 2020.

Automobil magazine has always been the official monthly means of communication between the RMI and its members. It has always been a trusted source of information to keep members appraised of events and important news in the sector. Certainly Automobil has always been part of our RMI legacy and is the one thing that you, our valued members, have always loved and looked forward to. At the beginning of this year we took the decision to limit our editions to six per year and we changed to a digital format.

We are happy to advise you that Automobil will resume in October as a monthly digital magazine. In addition to features by leading economists, interviews with captains of industry and features on the latest from the world of automotive, Automobil will continue to offer readers and automotive business owner’s advice and information on legal, labour, marketing, HR and training matters as well as technical topics.

For advertisers this new format means increased value. Distribution to all members is guaranteed and not limited by a print run. Furthermore Automobil will be distributed to meet the demands of the automotive aftermarket as a whole and will include representatives in the OEMs, component manufacturers, government, corporates, financial and insurance industries.

Please feel free to contact Wilken Communication Management to discuss the numerous interactive ways in which your brand can be promoted. Content in the title can be enhanced with audio, video, image galleries and links to your website or lead forms ensuring that advertisers get increased value from their space in the magazine.

For advertising related enquiries or for any more information please contact Greg Surgeon directly on 083 449 6137 or

For editorial enquiries please get in touch with Reuben Van Niekerk on 082 837 8801 or