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BUSA Comments On Cosatu’s Protest Action

While the Cosatu mass action campaign may have been a political success, the cost to the economy has been high – running into billions of rands.
Based on reports received from BUSA members, legitimate business activity has been disrupted in a number of key areas of the country, especially the port centres of Cape Town and Durban. Production and deliveries have also been seriously interrupted in several sectors of the economy.
BUSA regrets the reports of strike action violence, intimidation and destruction to property emanating from Cosatu’s national mass protest action today. Where such violence has occurred individuals, whether affiliated to a specific trade union or not, must be held accountable for acts of criminality. Repeated mass action protests also carry the risk of damaging South Africa’s international investment climate.
BUSA does not believe that today’s mass action has strengthened the South African economy or created new jobs, or taken the discussions on labour broking and e-tolling any further. BUSA finds it particularly unacceptable that learners should be expected to sacrifice their interests for the sake of Cosatu’s national campaign.
BUSA hopes that the issues at stake around labour broking and e-tolling can now continue to be constructively discussed or negotiated in the appropriate structures to find acceptable compromises as soon as possible.