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Car maintenance tips to save you money

Ongoing car maintenance helps to keep your car running smoothly for longer. Most of the time your vehicle only requires minor maintenance such as topping up fluids and at most changing spark plugs. Services are bigger maintenance updates, and most automotive companies will change air filters, spark plugs, oil changes and sometime change the oil filters as well.
“When it comes to car services, we recommend entrusting your vehicle to the professionals,” says Barend Smit, Marketing Director of MotorHappy, a supplier of motor management plans and insurance. “However, in-between services, there is still lots you can do to keep your car in good condition.”
Some important DIY car maintenance tips include:
1) Check engine oil level – this is very important as your engine has a lot of moving parts and needs to be lubricated to prevent wear on pistons, cylinders, exhaust valve, etc.
2) Check tyre pressures – this maintenance check is one of the easiest. Making sure your tyre pressures are correct slows down the wear on your tyres which can save you a lot of money, considering the high price of tyres.
3) Drive easily – the harder you drive your car (harsh acceleration and braking), the more wear and tear you will encounter. Many people imagine that only your brakes will experience wear and tear when driving more enthusiastically, but in fact there are many other parts that also experience stress, such as your transmission, engine components and differential.
4) Keep your vehicle clean – lastly, keeping your vehicle clean helps to look after the exterior. The dirt particles can affect your paint work after a long time. When it comes to the interior, areas that requires regular cleaning are carpets, dashboard, seats and steering wheel.
Performing small maintenance checks prevents wear and tear on crucial components, which can later save you a lot of money and ensure your vehicle is more reliable.
When it comes to services, let MIWA-approved mechanics conduct the work. If your vehicle is out of its service plan, consider investing in a new service plan that covers the labour and standard parts required for regular servicing as outlined by the manufacturer in your owner’s manual. It gives you peace of mind knowing that your car servicing needs are taken care of with fixed, affordable monthly payments that are convenient and manageable.