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Career guidance eliminates confusion


The only thing Gaborose Moabelo knew was that she wanted to work with people. What she could not figure out was what career path to follow, until she was offered a merSETA-funded Human Resource learnership by Veer Steel Mills.

Moabelo works in the Human Resource Office, learning payroll, leave management and other HR related duties. She believes she has found her calling and plans on pursuing the HR profession further. “Having grown up in a rural area, I got to matric not knowing what I wanted to study at tertiary level because I did not have access to career guidance. I believe career guidance should be introduced earlier in schools, maybe at primary school level, so that school children go through their learning knowing what careers they want to pursue and what subjects to take from an early age,” explains Moabelo.

What would also help, she adds, is if school children are taken to workplaces often to see how people in their desired professions work and maybe even shadow them. She explains that through her learnership at Veer Steel Mills, she not only acquired skills in Human Resources, but also received exposure in production technology. “The steel industry is very interesting, but I’ve realised that many women are intimidated by it because it is still male-dominated,” she says.

However, Moabelo maintains that this has not demotivated her. “This learnership has had a great impact on my life and encouraged me to work smart. It has given me a great opportunity to get experience so I can become employable. I can only hope that other young women will grow an interest to explore this field,” she says.

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Gaborose Moabelo
Gaborose Moabelo