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COVID-19 and the merSETA

These are indeed difficult and unpredictable times for industries throughout the globe. The terrible knock in economic growth, reflected in the massive growth in unemployment numbers and the dramatic drop […]

The best car safety tips for your family

Car crashes are the leading cause of unintentional injury-related deaths among children ages 14 and under. Unrestrained children are more likely to be injured, suffer severe injuries and die in […]

Lies And Videotape

Dishonesty in the workplace can irrevocably break down trust relationships. RMI industrial relations specialist David Van Rooyen looks at cases that have led to dismissal. Dismissal is not an expression […]

Truth And Lies

The use of polygraphs is a process fraught with difficulty and the tests may well prove inconclusive, explains industrial relations specialist David Van Rooyen. A polygraph measures and records bodily […]