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Compact snapshot goal setting session – free webinar


Herewith an invitation to attend a compact snapshot goal setting session taking place on the 7th of December 2022. The session will be presented by Linda who is a business coach and also writes the monthly finance article for the RMI’s Automobil magazine.

The session will take place on Zoom, from 9h00 to 10h00.

Can you relate to these comments?

“I already have goals; I don’t need to set any.” 

“I don’t need goals; I’m doing fine.” 

“I don’t need written goals; I have them all in my mind.” 

“I don’t know how to set goals.” 

“Goals don’t work; life is too unpredictable.”

A couple of questions to consider:

-Are you struggling to grow your business?

-Are you struggling to get to where you want to be financially?

-Do you want that dream job?

-Do you want to work less and enjoy your life?

Linda will walk you through setting SMART Goals: how to set them and how to use them effectively to achieve that outcome that you need and deserve.

Take control of your business and your life! The snapshot goal setting session will ensure you have clarity in what you want to achieve as well as provide you with some steps to be successful in achieving those goal.

Your investment: Only your time, this is a no-charge session. Why wait for 2023 to get started? New Year – NOW!

Should you wish to join us, kindly send a mail to indicating that you wish to attend this session.

Linda Rossouw is the founder and managing director of LaRoss Consulting. She is highly qualified and experienced in finance and other business matters. She is passionate about finding solutions and helping people and businesses to transform.