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Control Instruments-Automotive Launches Brand Catalogues

Control Instruments-Automotive have launched five separate 2012 catalogues for their brands covering Gabriel shocks, struts and cartridges; AutoCom suspension and steering products: Magbrakes airbrakes and industrial products; Acsa-Mag electrical accessories and a catalogue for Fast Moving Automotive parts. The catalogues feature product listings that are easy to use and locate.
Each catalogue has sub-category of parts listing, a parts finder and technical information. The parts listing shows all parts in alpha numerical part number order. The parts finder helps find the correct part number and suggests replacements for competitive parts. The technical sections provide useful installation information.
The catalogues have a section on ‘How to read’ the catalogue, explaining the way in which the catalogue is set out for ease of use.
These catalogues can also be viewed online:
Shocks and
Fast moving automotive
Auto Electrical &
Suspension &
Air Brake &