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Franchise director leaving her mark in the tyre sector

Adeshni Sewbaran Franchise Director

Adeshni Sewbaran loves the automotive industry, from its engine to the four wheels that drive it. The 39-year-old Supa Quick franchise director believes long gone are the days women had to tread lightly in this industry. She’s discovered women shouldn’t aspire to be ‘one of the boys’; instead stay authentic, because that’s your ticket to success.

 Her role of Franchise Director for Supa Quick is a brand new one, the born-and-bred Kwazulu-Natalian explains, but cars have been in her blood since a young age.

“My dad had a passion for cars and I was his shadow as a small girl. I still consider myself a petrol head,” she says.

 “Bridgestone is where my career began in 2019 and I joined the Supa Quick retail team two years later as business development manager. It was my chance to explore the expansion of our franchise network and to create a competitive edge.

 “I soon learned there is a rich heritage that exists in the Supa Quick franchise business. This ignites excitement in me to take the brand to new heights while maintaining its legacy.”

On women in the automotive sector, Adeshni says from what she’s experienced, the tide is changing in the tyre sector – with men contributing positively to the inclusion of women into industries like these.

 “We are actively driving diversity through our network and already have many female franchise owners. Stereotyping does still exist, but what is important is that we constantly address this and learn new ways in which to overcome it so that women feel supported. Earning support in this industry is important,” she says.

 “Women are more likely to face adversity in this sector than in other career paths, but the teachings and learnings are fulfilling. I believe this adversity teaches you to know what you want and speak up to overcome obstacles.”

 Adeshni is not a franchise owner herself but armed with an honours degree in business management she is focused on driving profitable franchises and ensuring these businesses are set up for success.

 “Our franchise owners are entrepreneurs and will only buy into something that makes business sense. It’s my job to ensure our franchises meet their expectations,” she says.

Supa Quick is a proud member of TEPA (Tyre Equipment Parts Association), an affiliate of RMI (Retail Motor Industry Organisation).

 “There are many benefits of being a TEPA member, however, the biggest is being associated with a brand that promotes fair trade with integrity for our customers.”

Adeshni’s advice to women thinking of entering the automotive field is to go for it.

“Don’t be afraid if you’re offered an opportunity. We often second guess our capabilities and don’t just take that leap of faith. I encourage women to take on any role they are offered in this exciting sector without fear and see failure as learning, not a reflection of their abilities.”