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From a wild, gang-ridden township to a qualified diesel technician

Achieve Stories Sept 2021 Img 02 From A Wild, Gang Ridden Township To A Qualified Diesel Technician

Growing up in the crime ridden Langa township in the Western Cape did not dissuade Viwe Manjezi from pursuing his career ambitions. Manjezi is a Qualified Diesel Technician at UD Trucks in Cape Town, responsible for servicing and providing Certificate of Fitness (COF) repairs on trucks, roadside assistance repairs and using computerised software for vehicle diagnostics.

His job involves ensuring that trucks are in a roadworthy condition and that the downtime for the vehicles is kept to a minimum. He explains that every task must be tackled with great care and that they are to the manufacturer’s specifications.

“My work requires following strict processes and guidelines to conduct tests, as I am required to complete technical reports for warranty claims purposes. I chose this field because the trucking and logistics business is fast growing and is one of the most important drivers of our economy,” says Manjezi.

“The diesel trade is a scarce skill and opportunities are readily available, especially when a technician is versatile and multi-skilled,” he added.

Being the eldest child, Manjezi assisted in caring for his siblings and had to put in extra hard work to ensure that he completed his studies on time. Persevering through these challenges, he matriculated at the age of 17 with Mathematics and Physical Science majors and went on to obtain his National Diploma in Mechanical Engineering at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

By Geozann Matthysen. Read the full story here: