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Gumtree hosts virtual seminar for car dealerships

Gumtree South Africa will host a virtual seminar for car dealerships to support them during the COVID-19 lockdown period. Attendees can join via Zoom video link or telephonically.
“The automotive sector, like most other businesses in South Africa, are faced with an uncertain future. Not only the effects of the lockdown, but also the looming recession and the downgrade to junk status,” says Nunben Dixon, Head of Gumtree Auto. “We’ve studied the impact on markets like China, as well as best practices for virtual trading, and have invited experts from the industry to share their projections, advice and insights with our dealer base.
“We are facing unprecedented challenges in an already challenging market. We have to learn to the roll with the punches and as an online sales platform, we are here to assist businesses as they transition into an online-first business. The lingering effects of this pandemic will not only impact the economy but also the way consumers transact with our businesses.”
The first virtual dealer seminar was titled The Next 21 Days with industry experts providing their tips and tricks for business during and after lockdown. Presentations were hosted by Kriben Reddy of TransUnion, Maja Smith of Ford South Africa and Gumtree’s TK Mataboge and Brandon van Os. It took place on 2 April 2020 at 10am.
Kriben Reddy stated that while a lot of the assumptions made by economists and analysts are pure speculation at this stage, looking at the 2009 recession gives an indication of what is to come – including high inflation, high vehicle pricing for both new and used cars and a marked decrease in sales. “Dealerships have to prepare and think out of the box to prepare for this challenging time,” he stated.
Maja Smith, the Customer Experience Manager of Ford SA, stated that COVID-19 will push operations online globally. She urges dealerships to “stay human” and compassionate during this time and to communicate with customers. “Customers are looking to leaders for a response and reassurance during this time,” she states. “Be present.”
TK Mataboge and Brandon van Os urged dealers to follow basic online advertising guidelines during this time, including full descriptions and pictures.
The full recording will be available on request by emailing Presentations will be available for download for one week by following this link.
All dealerships are invited to join, but space is limited.
Interested parties can RSVP to