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How to choose a career in the automotive aftermarket industry?


The automotive aftermarket sales, repair and maintenance sector offer a wide array of career opportunities.

These occupations can broadly be categorised into two categories, namely:

1) technical and

2) non-technical. 

The Motor Industry Bargaining Council (MIBCO) has a list of no less than 140 Occupation Codes.  The following categories relate to the automotive aftermarket sales, repair, maintenance sector are stipulated as: reconditioning; automotive engineering; managerial; clerical; operative; apprentices and journeymen. 

To view the full list you can read more on:

How do I get a job in the automotive aftermarket industry?

  • Door-to-door approach with or without prior industry related experience
  • Complete learning / training program with training centre and employer
  • Complete learning / training program with training centre
  • Look for job advertisements
  • Approach Human Resources departments at companies
  • Desktop research and send your CV with supporting documents

Where can I look for career information?

The potential learner will be able to find out more about the typical tasks, alternate occupation names and learning pathways.  Learning pathways are described on this portal as Apprenticeship and Learnership.  Visit the South African Department of Higher Education and Training’s The National Career Advice Portal

This portal has several functionalities including search and categories.  This allows visitors to identify technical careers such as:

Visitors to the portal can consider non-technical careers, directly or indirectly related to the automotive aftermarket industry, as well as learning pathways such as:

For Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on TVET college programs, please read more on: