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IR seminar invite – Trade unions and your employees

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We are pleased to announce that the RMI will be presenting an online seminar entitled – Trade unions and your employees

-When:  Wednesday, 25 January 2023

-Time:  09h00 – 12h00

-Platform:  Microsoft Teams

-Cost:  See registration form below

-Presenter:  Johanita Olivier

Some of the topics of discussion will be:

  • What are organisational rights?
  • How are organisational rights acquired?
  • Does there exist an entitlement to organisational rights?
  • What is the purpose of a Recognition Agreement?
  • What are automatic rights and who are entitled to it?
  • Who may request the right to access to the workplace?
  • What is the ratio between the numbers of trade union member to shop stewards?
  • When is leave (related to organisational rights) allowed for shop stewards?
  • When do shop stewards have the right to access information from an employer?
  • How does the MIBCO Main Agreement fit in with organisational rights?
  • Disputes about organisational rights

You are invited to secure your attendance by completing the registration form below. A certificate of attendance will be provided to each delegate.

Please find the banking details and registration form below.

We look forward to seeing you there.