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Learn To Be A Motor Dealer Principal

Can one learn how to become a motor dealer principal, the top person in a highly complex and challenging business? Is there a way to train for success in this role?
According to Paddy O’Brien, CEO of Sewells Group, a global dealer management company, the answer to those questions is yes. This was confirmed with the announcement of the opening for enrolment in the next Advanced Dealer Management (ADM) programme.
ADM, says Paddy, sets out to achieve the simple objectives of balancing:
•    the elegance of high level education with street-wise operational experience;
•    vehicle sales with fixed operations;
•    profitability with asset management;
•    customer demands with OEM demands;
•    the art of the game with science; and
•    balancing investment in capital resources with investment in the people resource.
This unique apprenticeship for budding DPs includes the following:
•    One hundred and fifty contact hours of intensive, focused management instruction (seven clusters over 10 months).
•    Leading industry and subject matter expert facilitators.
•    Exposure to a unique line-up of guest speakers.
•    Business visits, case studies and workplace assignments.
•    Insight into international best practices.
•    A holistic development approach including a personal development component to the programme.
Executive coaching sessions are offered to integrate the learning components and enhance goal-achievement.Further information from Tania Barlow ( or Odette Taljaard (